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Edward Norton

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm quickly putting this page up because I keep stumbling across all this misinformation about Edward Norton.

Is Edward Norton really on Twitter?

Yes. His Twitter account is EdwardNorton. This account has been verified by Twitter and he has publicized it as well. He started twittering to raise money for the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust by running the NYC Marathon. He still tweets, but not as often as he was leading up to the marathon.

Is he on Facebook or MySpace?

No. He has stated that he doesn't like social networking sites and just started twittering to raise money for his NYC marathon run.

What is his full name?

Edward H. Norton. All of his acting credits are under the name "Edward Norton". His name is frequently misreported as "Edward James Norton, Jr."

I hate this question - primarily because it is such a trivial question (it has nothing to do with his acting) yet I always find it misreported. It's important to me that everything I post is accurate and I make sure to use reliable sources to back me up. Which is why it always pisses me off to see the wrong name given with absolutely no mention of where they came up with this. Therefore, I'm going to subject you through the excruciating process of debunking the info. His name is "Edward H. Norton". Where did I come up with Edward H. Norton. This name was stated in obituaries for his mother Robin Rouse Norton and maternal grandfather James Rouse, both reported in the Baltimore Sun. I also see it among annual report lists of financial contributors for charities to which he donates money: The Enterprise Foundation, Nature Conservancy New York Chapter, Doctors without Borders, Grand Canyon Trust, and Living Classrooms. It is also reported on Fundrace.org which lists all individual who contributed more than $200 to a political campaign. They obtained their information from Federal Election Commission (FEC) records.

There is no reliable source to back up the claim that his name is "Edward James Norton, Jr.". It's never been in any interviews. Just because you see it on the INTERNET does not make it true. Where did they come up with the middle name James? EN's grandfather was renowned urban planner James Rouse and also EN's younger brother is Jim Norton (filmmaker of "Yunnan Great Rivers Expedition" and EN's partner in Class 5 Films). I think either someone was trying to make an educated guess ("he was probably named after his grandfather") or they got a few facts mixed up (thought his brother's name was his middle name). But however it came about, it's still incorrect. Where did they come up with the Jr. suffix? In several of the articles on EN, it's mentioned that his father is also named Edward. His father, Edward M. Norton, Jr., is currently senior policy advisor Yunnan Great Rivers Project for the The Nature Conservancy (more info). So, from what I can tell, people made the assumption that because his father's name is also Edward, that would make him Edward Jr. but since his father has the Jr. suffix, that assumption is not correct. If he had the same middle name as his father (which he apparently doesn't), I would think that he would have a "III" for a suffix.

To my knowledge, there has been only one instance of his middle name being mentioned (and a suffix being given). On The People Vs. Larry Flynt special edition DVD cast commentary, Courtney Love states his name as "Edward Harrison Norton VII" in the scene where his character Alan Isaacman first meets Larry Flynt. However, he tends to either go by just "Edward Norton" or "Edward H. Norton".

Sources for Edward H. Norton
Enterprise New York 2003 Annual Report (Individual Supporters section)
Rouse ensures legacy of charity. Baltimore Sun October 5, 1997
Robin Rouse Norton, 54, teacher, education program officer. Baltimore Sun March 8, 1997

Sources for Edward M. Norton, Jr. (EN's father)

What is his email address?

There is NO KNOWN email address for Edward Norton. There is a FALSE rumor "edward_nortonjr@hotmail.com" is his email adddress. In fact, it is the address for the webmaster of another fan site, Edward Norton Online. If you write to this address, you will just reach another EN fan. You can try writing him a letter through his talent agency.

Edward Norton
c/o Endeavor Talent Agency,LLC
9701 Wilshire Blvd. 10th Floor
Beverly Hills CA 90212

Where was he born?

Boston, Massachusetts. This is also frequently misreported, both on websites and in reputable publications that should do better research. His birthplace was correctly stated in the Vanity Fair August 1999 article Extreme Norton. One of the most well-known facts is that EN was raised in Columbia, Maryland, a planned city designed by his grandfather James Rouse. Some people have just assumed based on this fact that EN was also born in Columbia, which he was not.

I heard a rumor that he is dating/not dating/has dated/ ...

Thanks for the info, but I only cover items related to his work. EN rarely talks about his personal life. Many of the rumors that I've come across have turned out to be false. Since I don't want to spread unreliable info about a person whose work I admire, I have chosen to exclude this area from the website.

Is he alive?

He is very much alive and working on new projects. EN directed and starred in Keeping the Faith and at the end of the film, there is a dedication to his mother, who passed away a few years earlier. It reads "In loving memory of Robin Norton who had faith in everybody". Unfortunately, some people have misread the dedication and thought that it read "Edward Norton". Don't be too embarrassed for wondering, I've gotten a good number of emails that asked this same question.

Could you tell me the diet EN used to bulk up for American History X?

This a favorite question among the men that visit. I can't provide much help in that respect since EN didn't provide very detailed information in interviews. "Arnold Schwarzenegger called to ask if I'd done a cycle of the juice (steroids) to accomplish the transformation. All I did was eat and work out non-stop for three months. I gained 30 pounds of muscle." The only other info that I have is that he was on a "steady protein-rich diet". Afterwards, the bulk didn't hang around for long. EN likens it to letting the air out of a balloon.

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