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News - Wed, Oct 23, 2013
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EN in Cannes
Edward Norton at Cannes Film Festival on May 16, 2012 to premiere Moonrise Kingdom. .Source: REUTERS/Eric Gaillard

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The plain and simple purpose of this page is to provide current and accurate information on the work of actor Edward Norton. That's it.


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Current projects/Upcoming projects

Stone- STATUS: Release date October 8, 2010 (Selected theaters)EN and Robert DeNiro star in this indie psychological thriller about a complicated relationship between a correctional officer (DeNiro) and a convicted arsonist (EN)

Leaves of Grass- STATUS: Release date September 17, 2010 (Selected theaters) EN plays identical twins, one an Ivy League classics professor and the other a hedonistic pot-smoking career criminal. Tim Blake Nelson wrote the script, directs, and also acts in the film

By the People: The Election of Barack Obama- STATUS: ON DVD EN executive produced this documentary on President Barak Obama campaign to win the White House.

Pride and Glory- STATUS: ON DVD EN, Colin Farrell and Noah Emmerich star in this police drama

Incredible Hulk- STATUS: STATUS: ON DVD EN stars and wrote some of the screenplay of the Marvel classic comic book character. It also stars Liv Tyler (Betty Ross), Tim Roth (The Abomination), and William Hurt (General Ross).

Undaunted Courage- STATUS: DEVELOPMENT EN and Brad Pitt are teaming up to produce this 10 part miniseries on explorers Lewis and Clark based on the Stephen Ambrose book "Undaunted Courage: Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and the Opening of the American West"

Motherless Brooklyn- STATUS: DEVELOPMENT Edward Norton will star in and produce this drama based on the Jonathan Lethem novel. Norton will star as "a detective suffering from Tourette's Syndrome who is pressed into duty to solve the murder of his mentor" (Variety 10/13/99). EN is currently writing the script.

Fear Itself- STATUS: DEVELOPMENT Edward Norton is producing this remake of Straw Dogs (it is unknown whether or not he will star in it as well).

A Soldier of the Great War- STATUS: DEVELOPMENT Based on the novel by Mark Helprin, this project was announced in Mar 1999. There has been no word of it since, except in recent press bios where EN mentions it as a future project.

Previous Films

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